The Only Solid Ground.

“Our God a firm foundation, our rock, the only solid ground.  As nations rise and fall, kingdoms once strong now shaken.  But we trust forever in Your name, the name of Jesus.

The world is ugly, ya’ll.  And today is just a severe reminder of how the enemy attacks.  My heart is hurting, breaking for all of those who lost their lives, lost their loved ones, and those who are still injured, and still fighting.  Those who know me well know that music is my thing.  It’s my escape from the cruelty of the world.  It’s the connection to so many of my friends.  It’s the healing to hurt and heartbreak, and the companion to so many memories, and so much happiness and joy.  And, let me be the first to tell you, I will not let the senselessness of some cruel individual take that from me.

In fact, that person deserves zero more mention, attention, or recognition.

It hurts, bad.  The fact that there is no possible explanation, there’s not understanding for the hurt that we are going through today, as music lovers, as fans, and friends…communities, as a country.

But, here are the things I know, the things I choose to hear, and choose to see in the midst of turmoil.

I choose to see God.  To see the goodness of all of those who are coming together to help heal all of those that are hurting.  The goodness of everyone on their knees, hitting the ground, and praying hard for complete strangers.  Those rushing to the Red Cross and donating blood, the need of so many victims. Those strangers that in the shock of the actual act happening, grabbed hold of people they didn’t even know to try and help them to safety, to try and reconnect them with their families, to level the distress and complete terror they were suffering through.  The law enforcement risking their lives to try and stop this horrific act.  God gave us all a choice, and in this I choose to  see the good.

I choose to hold my loved ones a little tighter.  To make sure they know at any given second that I’m here for them.  To say I miss you, I need you, and I love you when those words hold true. 

I choose to be a voice.  To not be afraid to say, “You know what we need more of? JESUS.” because it might offend someone, or because people might not want to read this article anymore.  My friends might decide that’s not the answer they are looking for. Guess what, people?  That’s the answer we need.

I choose to not let anything like this instill fear.  I choose to explain the same to people I’ve had conversations with today who don’t want to go to concerts they’ve had planned because “this could happen.”   I choose to continue to be an advocate for music, and the healing it can bring in these moments too. Now is when we need it more than ever, don’t give up on the passion for it, people, please.

Let us pray, let us love, let us gather, let us grow as a nation. 

Choose to see the good.  Choose to be the good. 

Choose to trust the name of Jesus.


Until next time…





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