Embrace The Change

I started this blog two years ago.  It was something that had been in development for quite some time, but, never really came into it’s own.  I’d constantly had people telling me what I should do with it, what “selling points” and “marketing strategies” I needed to use.  I became quickly over consumed with it all, and had thrown something together that just was not fun, not me, and not going to be a relaxing outlet.   Then, I went through a break up.  A few days later, I packed up and headed to the beach.  Within those first few days of absorbing the sun, listening to the waves crash into the sand, and convincing myself of my own worth, Everyday a Hollyday was born.  Although still in its toddler stage, it’s become something I like to nurture.  Today I’m back here in Gulf Shores, Alabama, going through some growing pains of my own and both overthinking and trying to forget some changes going on back at home.  But alas, the sun is still shining, and the waves are still crashing.

Yesterday I got a bad sunburn.   There was a breeze that felt so nice that I never even  noticed the heat coloring my skin.  This sunburn reminds me of change in life.  You think about how things are going,  life feels breezy, you’re kind of floating by, and then all of a sudden an unexpected burn pushes you back and leaves a tinge.  You know that it’s going to hurt for awhile, but also keep in my mind that the end result will be more beautiful than when you started.   Often times we sit back and sulk in the burn rather than moving forward and keeping our eyes on the beauty that is to come.  We look in the mirror and see ugly rather than seeing the potential.  We forgot that sometimes change is necessary.   The caterpillar.  The ugly duckling.  The tadpole.  Every one of those poor little guys would grow up scared to look in the mirror if they only saw the ugly and not the beauty ahead.   Sometimes we think it would be easier just to stay in the same stage that we are in, we find ourselves just content enough to stay the way we are as to avoid the pain and the burn of the change.   When we do that, we become butterflies living as caterpillars because we never took the moment to embrace the change, to look in the mirror and see what we have become.

We must quit rejecting change.  Quit living in contentment of just okay when there is a world of wonderful just down the road.   You see, the caterpillar is really pretty in her own right, and during that stage she should embrace it.  But, when it comes time to wear the new coat, put it on proudly.  Don’t fear what you’re leaving behind, because all of those memories are stories to tell.  We should never sulk in what we are, and we should never be afraid of what we are to become.

Fly high my beauties.

Love yourself.  Embrace yourself.  Treat yourself.   You are so special, never deny yourself of the luxuries you deserve, even if someone else, or the someone in the mirror convinces you otherwise.

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