Create Your Future.


Well, here I am, back to small town life.  Laundry piles, a back to work countdown, and a needy cat.

But, you know what? That’s okay.  That’s no reason to lose positive energy or motivation. (Even though it is a little harder without the sun and sand!)

I stumbled upon this great quote:

“All you need to know is the future is open wide and you are about to create it by what you do.”

That’s super scary and exhilarating all at once, right?

(It also automatically set off Tom Petty in my head…but, you know, I am a bit of a walking jukebox.  That song will be in my head for days.  The sky was the liiiimiiiit…)

Anyway, I’ve made a goal to set more goals.   Big or small.  Just anything that I feel like I can add to my life to benefit my future.

Goal #1 – Appreciate my friends more.

You guys.  I have so many great people in my life, but sometimes, I still allow myself to forget how lucky and blessed I am to have them.  Some are next door, and some are thousands of miles away.

When I got home from Florida, I had a care package waiting for me from a friend who was also on vacation in Key West.  This girl thought of me while on her on vacation, and sent me some goodies, and it was so awesome to get home and get mail!  A couple weeks ago I had a surprise package from my friend all the way in Hawaii (she sent me that awesome coffee I mentioned in a previous blog!) These gals are the greatest!  I sometimes feel like I’m lacking in the friend category because I am so bad at just keeping in contact some days, let alone sending out snail mail!  So part of this goal is to do more of that!

I remember I used to have pen pals all through out my teenage years…wouldn’t it be fun to start writing letters again?

My friends are just the best.  We’re all so busy, and many have kids, and demanding jobs, but, we always make it work. I want to never take that for granted!

The biggest factor in this goal is just to count my blessings in the friend department.  Not by the number of those that I have, but by the quality of the relationship that they put forth! And to add that same quality to their lives!

Goal #2 – Start Something New

Sorry…that’s just a teaser, I’ll get into that one next time…but first…

What’s your number 1?  Share with me, lets talk about our goals and work them out together!

Until next time…


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