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Goal # 2: Start Something New

It’s been a long week, ya’ll, but it’s time to get back to business.  As promised I am going to dive a little deeper into my second goal; starting something new.

First things first, this blog is part of that goal, because it is still very fresh and new…and it is a lending hand into the new project I am about to share with you.  Lets get started!

Sometimes you get so involved in life, and busyness, that you kind of start to feel like you are wearing blinders to what everyone else in your life has going on.  However, lately, I guess I decided I wanted to start looking a little more at the sun, so, off the shades went.  And let me tell you, I have realized all the POWERFUL WOMEN I am surrounded by.  You ladies are shining bright!

I mean really.  Good Golly.  Ya’ll are AWESOME.  You are killing it with your passions, your dreams.  You are living, and inspiring.  100% inspiring me, and making me so proud I could just cry.  The good tears.  So you ladies are the backbone of this project I’m about to start…

The #SHEwhoDARESProject!

And, brace yourselves, because I am coming after you!!  I want to talk to you, share your stories, your words, your songs, your achievements, your businesses, your lifestyles.  It’s time to start recognizing each other, applauding, loving, and learning from each other!  And I am SO EXCITED!!!

Although I will be reaching out, that doesn’t mean you can’t come to me.  Maybe some of you are doing things I don’t even know you are doing.  Get with me! Shoot me a message, and let’s start talking about you!

This is the perfect chance for us to start a circle of powerful women, a movement, an opportunity for us to learn more about each other, and start making an even bigger difference!

I was getting ready to close…but, as I’m typing this, a text came in from one of my powerful gal pals…

“It’s text a compliment day! And let me start by saying…I am so unbelievably proud of you and this fire you have found inside of you over the last month.  You have made some super brave choices and I can’t wait to see your amazing success!”

This is the stuff I’m talking about.  That made my heart happy, and the smile on my face is so big right now.  This project is going to teach us to feel that way about ourselves every day.

Who’s with me?

Until next time…

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