The Best Therapy

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

4:35 AM….

That’s what time the alarm went off this morning…

On my day off.

And let me tell you people, it was worth it.  My sister and brother-in-law, (the third wheeling party!)  crammed my new, pretty pink kayak into the back of their jeep, and off we went.  We had plans of making it down to the water to catch the sunrise, and though that didn’t quite go as planned.  (Trucking a kayak down a muddy hill isn’t as easy peasy as one might think!) But, nonetheless, it was a perfect morning.

It’s funny how big your problems can seem if you just sit there and allow yourself to stew on them.  How if you spend all your time scrolling through all your social media sites, and comparing yourself to everyone else, you start feeling pretty “meh.”.  But, shut off the phones, and just be for a few hours, and things seems so much clearer, so much less complicated, so simple, and so wonderful.


We even stumbled upon this pretty cool little waterfall…well worth the sinking, smelly mud trek to get there.

Can you believe I had to really talk myself into spending the money on the investment of a kayak? (I really just felt super uncool because everyone I knew had one!) 😉  I’ve got some work to do on my “less splash technique,”   but, I look so forward it!

Find something new to try…I dare you!

Until next time…


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