Pressure Free Living


the use of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something.

Do you ever feel that?  Pressure?  Pressure to give up, or to quit.  Pressure to run away when the bills are piling up. Pressure to be a better mother when the kids are crying, and the laundry is dirty, and you haven’t seen the bottom of your sink in weeks. Pressure to not take the job promotion because someone told you that you don’t have the qualifications to do it, or because you ‘ve put in less years than the person beside you in your cubicle.

Well, friends, I heard a message poured so high today that it just kept running over the top of my cup, and as it was pouring, there were drops of extra sugar in the form of amens and glories; so, before you put the lid on top of that cup and close in your blessings, listen to this good news I have for you…

When you feel like you CAN’T do it, hold your head high, because that is right where you are supposed to be.  Because you’re right, you can’t, not by yourself.

Pastor E set us straight today with a leg kick and a hand raise, and this reminder:

“He will always tell you to do something you can’t do, so that He can empower you to do it!”

In those moments, rather than being overcome by the pressure that is of this world, we must step up and be overcome and completely filled with the Word, with the Holy Spirit, with the knowledge that all that “pressure” really represents is the idea that with Him, you are an overcomer.

Instead of being overtaken by it, now is the time to allow Him to empower you.  So you grab those babies up, and you nurture them, and teach them, even when you feel too tired to do it. You take that position, or promotion, not because you think you can do better than someone else, but because He called you to do it.

Those words, “He called you to do it” are the erasers of all pressure, of all fear, of all second guessing.  Those words are the outline of your future.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

Break the chains today, my friends.


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