Value Savings Account

“What you value, you invest in…”

Have you ever really thought about that statement?  Though unknowingly I seem to hold it in high regards, I’ve never really had it placed right in front of me, or thoroughly thought about the things I value.  Somehow I stumbled upon a guy on Facebook, giving a bit of a rant about buying flowers at the grocery store.  I was just about to shut the video off when he shared that statement.  It caught my attention.  I thought, wow, powerful.  And so true.

If you look up value, in a nutshell it means that someone or something is held in high regards to you, they are deserving, important, or worthy of your time.  So, I started thinking about the things that I value, and truly have had to question just how much of an investment I make in them.

For instance, I value God, and my relationship with Him dearly.  But, do I invest it that value as much as I should?  Not entirely.

I value my body.  But, do I invest in my taking care of it, feeding it the proper nutrients, sticking to exercise and fitness?  Not entirely.

I value my mental stability, but, do I invest in paying attention to the things that are causing me pain, or the outlets that I am letting interfere.  Not entirely.

I value my friends and my family, but do I invest enough time in checking in, following up, checking on their health and their mental stability?  Not entirely.

So, why?  Why is it so hard to truly invest in the people and things we value.  In looking at my greatest values, the common pattern is that everything in some form is a relationship.  Whether it be with myself, or others, there is that common connection.  And what is even more terrifying is that I tend to get very upset or frustrated with those included in said relationships, whenever they do not appear to  invest in my value enough.  When I feel unloved, unnoticed, or not valued, I become the ugly crying girl in those generic TV movies.  Yet, not only am i playing the ugly crying girl, but, in realizing my lack of investment, I’m also playing the part of the villain.

Sometimes, it seems, that more investment is applied in noticing the things that are not happening in our lives or relationships, rather than focusing on the investment of the things that can, and are in fact, meant to grow and gain interest.  It’s not pretty, but, my “Value Savings Account” tends to be a give and take process more than the give and grow.   For instance, let’s say I have the perfect day.   Everything goes in the way that I have envisioned, I wear a smile, and my valued crown, and drop some pretty pennies in my account.  Though in theory, there should be gain from this, it so often seems that one bad day brings me to the bank to empty the account.  This is not how life is supposed to work, my friends.   Why do we decrease our own value based on the reactions…or “not reactions” of those around us?

My “Value Savings Account,” belongs to me.  Yours, belongs to you.  Do not let the ugliness of this world steal from your account.   If we can’t value ourselves, the discipline that we need to value others is going to be nonexistent.

Invest in yourself enough that there is no way you can fail in valuing those someones or somethings around you.



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