#SheWhoDaresProject: Kalee Kallam

If you have treated yourself to a scrumptious brunch at Da Yolk located inside Kitchen 66 Takeover Café  in Tulsa’s Mother Road Market, the name Kalee Kallam might ring a bell with you.  If it doesn’t, it should.  Allow me introduce you to this delightful gal behind the magic of it all.


Kalee remembers a joy for cooking as far back as her early childhood, to which she credits her Grandma Joyce.  “My fondest memories of her include us making cookies or baking her famous chocolate sheet cake in her kitchen.”    These memories with Grandma set Kalee on a career path very early on in her life, and she was determined to follow through.

“I knew as early as junior high that I wanted to go to school for cooking.  It was something I enjoyed doing and when I discovered there was an opportunity for me to get started in high school, I set my goal on that.”

With the support of great parents and that goal in mind, Kalee completed a two year Culinary Arts program at Northeast Technology, followed by a program at OSUIT with focus on Applied Science in the Culinary Arts.

But never in her wildest dreams did Kalee imagine it would all be happening so fast.

“Little did I know that a few short years out of high school, I would have the opportunity to run my own food business.  I started Mae’d Meal Prep while home on summer break from college.  At the time by boyfriend was competing in body building competitions and trained other body builders.  I started prepping his meals for him.  With his encouragement I offered my meal prep services to a few of the other competitors.  It wasn’t long that I realized the incredible business opportunity I had in front of me.  Once I found a licensed kitchen to work in, Mae’d took off and kept me busy.”maedlog

Kallam’s Mae’d Meal Prep is on online food prep service offering portioned, balanced meals for it’s clients.  “It really is perfect for everyone: busy people wanting to make healthy choices, those looking to improve health, lose weight or increase athletic performance, the list goes on and on.  What is even better about Mae’d Meal Prep, we deliver your meals to you.”


You might now  be asking yourselves how this healthy, portioned food service has anything to do with the fill your belly bruch at Da Yolk…I promise, I’m getting there.

When asked about this newest venture, Kalee explained  that she just loves great food.

“I feel extremely blessed with Mae’d; however, I am a foodie.  I love exploring new, fun and not always healthy type recipes.   I had the opportunity to open up a pop up shop in the Kitchen 66 Takeover Café at Mother Road Market.  Instead of bringing my healthy food concept , I created an amazing brunch menu.”dayolk

“Da Yolk offers delightful tastes that are stunningly presented.  Our customers rave about us.  Our menu consists of orange pancake, quail egg guacamole toast, the nest(customer favorite), cereal milkshakes, and much more; but we are constantly trying out new fun items.”




Brunch takes place in the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe, with a varied schedule.  Dates and times can be found on the Da Yolk Facebook page.dayolkdishes

What should we expect next from Kalee?  “My ultimate dream is to have my own brick and mortar space.  One day it will happen.” 

Indeed it will!  And, she has some words of wisdom for the rest of us too…

“Dream big, follow those dreams and don’t let anyone stop you along the way!  I can tell you it is scary to put yourself out there for the public.  There is always a chance of rejection but there is also always the chance of achievement and success.”  

I think achievement and success are two great words to describe the road Kalee is paving.

I’m rooting for you, sister…and I’ll be back for brunch soon! 😉


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