#SheWhoDaresProject : Amy Hume

Though  Environmental Manager and part time Science Professor by day, Amy Hume still felt like she needed to do more to spread the word about being kind and doing our part to help the environment.  Hume wants everyone to realize that we, even as individual contributors can make an impact on the health of our environment. This idea of educating others inspired Wispy Wilds, a unique store supplying  handmade, up- cycled jewelry and art.amywispywilds

“Wispy Wilds started following a creative burst of upcycling following my wedding this past May. We had used pallets of wood to make the centerpiece bases for our tables. I started throwing paint on them and selling them.wispywilds1 Over the summer, I also started taking my own jewelry pieces apart to create fresh new looks for a little spending cash. Then others began to give me their pre-loved items to work with as well. It just grew from there! While I enjoy the process of designing, it has been tremendously therapeutic to get lost in the quiet of creative space.”

Amy stresses that the environmental advantages of up-cycling is far greater than we may realize. “Aside from minimizing the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfills each year, it also reduces the need for production using new or raw materials. That means a reduction in air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and often a conservation of global resources.”wispywilds

Hume credits much of her passion towards the environment to another motivational scientist, Jane Goodall. “She is likely one of the most compassionate and passionate scientists and humans I’ve ever met! My life changed when I met her at a speaking engagement in NE in 2010. I decided after that brief moment that still lives on so vividly in my mind, that I needed to do my part to spread hope, to educate, and to always accept challenges bravely.”


amymomThe inspiration of Goodall, and the compassion of  her mother, ultimately led Amy on this journey of educating and inspiring others. “My Mom has a tender and generous heart!  She has taught me that love heals and perseverance always pays off!”   


Amy encourages us all to embrace our individual and unique qualities when pursuing our dreams. “Our differences and specific talents balance this wild world. Thank goodness for all of us!”   She also suggests that in the pursuit, we read The Four Agreements, and reminds us that there is no such thing as failure, only moments of wonderful success, and opportunities for growth! 

To keep up with upcoming events from Wispy Wilds, purchase jewelry and art, or to donate your pre-loved jewelry, please follow the links below.

Wispy Wilds Website     Facebook       Instagram

Keep on living and loving, Amy, I’m rooting for you!



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