The Holiday Season (And The Gifts We Should Be Giving This Year)

It’s the holiday season, the holiday season. 

We all know how the rest of the song goes; Santa Claus, Christmas snow, and merry bells. Though those things are a’plenty for most of us, the holiday season can sadly bring about grief, loneliness, and depression for many.  We use this time of year to extend our gratitude, and share time and gifts with loved ones. As Black Friday and bargains can easily distract us from the important things, I wanted to take this time to talk to you about the gifts we should be making sure not to forget. 


The Gift of Time

This one may seem pretty cliche, yet so easily forgotten.  In a world that is over consumed with staying ahead, and staying in the race, we can so often forget that the greatest gift is that of our time.  Set aside everything else going on if you are able, and extend your time to your loved ones.


The Gift of Conversation

Don’t you get all the warm and fuzzies after a night out, catching up with friends or family?  A couple of hours pass, and you realize you haven’t even picked up your cell phone *gasp.* So, remember this year when you’re all sitting around the dinner table, playing board games, or just catching up…leave the cell put away as much as you can.   Of course, we all want to snap those photos, and share our bliss with the world…but maybe we just share it a little more with those around us this year. 


The Gift of Invitation

The holidays yield way to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression for many of those around us, often times without us even realizing. This holiday season, make sure your loved ones know they are welcome and loved by inviting them to events, gatherings, and church services.  In the hustle and bustle we are so busy getting ourselves from place to place that we might forget to include others. Even if someone seems to always say no, keep asking, sometimes people feeling unwanted just need constant reassurance and even a little pushiness. 


The Gift of Acknowledgment

This one might be the toughest of all.  For those who have lost loved ones, are battling illness, or suffering from depression, feeling like you are a burden can be a thief of joy.  It is our job as  friends, family, or even colleagues to acknowledge those things, and let these people know that we love them through it all.  Often times we try to hide or mask those things, because it’s uncomfortable, but these people really need reassurance. Open up, and encourage them to tell joyous stories of lost loved ones, let them know they are included in your prayers, make sure they know that you see them, and that they should in no way feel guilty for the way they feel. 

Maybe these are all things we all already know, but, I felt called to spread this reminder.  The greatest gifts we can give require no money, or fancy bows, merely a little deeper reach into our hearts.  

Much love, and happy Holly-Days…see what I did there? 😉

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