#SheWhoDaresProject: Candice Gilbreath {Candice Budgick Photography}

For Candice Gilbreath of Candice Budgick Photography, photography is much more than just a job.  She hopes to use her images to not only capture memories, but to tell stories, inspire, and introduce new perspectives to future generations.

“My job allows me to be present for some of the womens most precious moments and milestones, this is something I don’t take lightly.  I’m happy that in my time the beauty and struggles of women’s journeys through life are much more commonly shown and accepted. In the future, I hope the children and grandchildren of my clients are able to see their relatives with a different perspective when they see my images.”


Gilbreaths interest in photography  was sparked at 10 years old when her dad handed her a Pentax k1000. “I remember watching for beautiful sunsets each evening and would run outside to capture them. That’s when my interest in photography first began. I then went on to OSU-IT for my degree in photography right after high school. There I was technically trained by professionals who would tear our assignments apart, there were often many tears during those years but it was the best thing I could have done for my career and where I learned the in’s and out’s of the trade.”

During those college years, Candice was also fortunate to work with two women photographers out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, who had respectively paved their own roads as women photographers and business owners.  She credits these ladies for giving a young girl a chance, and becoming mentors and friends throughout the journey. “At 20 years old it allowed me to see first hand that you could really build and customize how you wished to work and create.3156sm This experience began when I was admiring their photography on their website while sitting in my tiny college dorm room and simply made a phone call to ask if I could intern with them. It ended up working out and being a huge part of my career foundation. I now consider them a part of my family and are still close with them today. Sometimes one phone call or email can lead to big things!”

Following college Gilbreath began her career as a photojournalist in Enid, OK.   “I remember walking into the press room to shoot my first collegiate football game and was the only female photographer in the room and youngest person by about 20 years. One gentleman promptly asked if I was lost and needed help, I proudly replied, no sir I’m right where I belong!’   Candice followed photojournalism with commercial advertising work, but slowly began shooting portraits and weddings in her off time before deciding to go out on her own full time. Today her focus is primarily on couples and weddings. 


“My hope is to be able to show the beauty in any phase of life I am documenting, whether that means 3460sma bride preparing to see her Groom for the first time or a woman bringing a new life into the world.” 

Gilbreath encourages us all to remember that “Nothing beats hard work.  Be relentless in accomplishing your goals and you will get where you want to go; just because everyone is doing something one way doesn’t mean there’s not another good path to make things happen.”   A saying she often turns to is, “Fake it til you make it,”  noting that, “you won’t always know exactly what you’re doing, sometimes you just have to take a chance, take a shot, and learn as you go.”

When she’s not capturing moments beautifully for others, Gilbreath 0928smenjoys creating her own memories as she and her husband Bryce travel and explore with their dog Tigger.  

To keep in touch, browse Gilbreaths work, or schedule a shoot, visit the sites below.

Candice Budgick Photography

Budgick Photos Instagram

Budgick Photos Facebook

Keep living the dream, sister!  I’m cheering you on!

Fun Fact: Candice took this photo featured on EveryDay a Hollyday.  🙂 




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