#SheWhoDares Project: Jessica Wilbourn {The Wilbourn Group-Coldwell Banker Select}

“It’s  hard to stand out in such a heavily saturated industry… everyone seems to know at least five Realtors. So I have to “Be Bold!” to prove my worth daily.”   expresses Jessica Wilbourn, who, if you are native to the Claremore/Tulsa area you may recognize as the smiling face of The Wilbourn Group of Coldwell Banker Select. 

Though being bold and comfortable in her own skin doesn’t always come easily for Jessica, it’s ultimately that nurturing, “do anything for those you care for”  attitude that makes her a top notch Realtor.   

Every step of the way Wilbourn treats clients as if they were her own family,jessicafamily considering their comfort along the way.  “I try to bring some humor to each day for my clients, and carry as much stress for them on my shoulders as I possibly can. I walk them through each step of the process as we go through our journey so they feel empowered and educated to make the best decisions that they can.”

Jessica is a third generation Realtor, and credits her mom as her biggest cheerleader.   “She’s knows exactly what I’m going through on a daily basis so she’s always a great ear to bend when I need it. jessicacard This is by far the most stressful job I’ve ever had, to be honest. People are stressed to the max and there are so many variables that are simply out of my control, so having so much support around me is such a blessing.  I’m also blessed with amazing girlfriends that are always there for me with a glass of wine and a brownie when I need it!”

Behind the scenes support from loved ones is often the encouragement we need, but Wilbourn also wants us to remember the value in ourselves. Three words came to mind when asked what advice she might give to women aspiring to chase their goals…

“Know your worth!” 

She continues with, “Know what you have to offer to others then dig deep and go for it! There are always times when we question ourselves. Am I working too much? Am I making enough money? Do people appreciate me at all? How am I going to do it all and do it well? Is this shirt clean?  But as long as we are healthy, happy and feeling fulfilled, I think that’s the most important thing.”

jessicateachersWhen she’s not showing, finding, or selling houses for clients, Wilbourn lives out those words of a fulfilled life by spending time with her family, and  utilizing many outlets to give back to her community. “Music, kids and animals are the basic heartbeat of my life with my hubby. So I serve on the board for Musicians Haven of Claremore and I love singing in our church choir. I’m also a Partner in Ed for Justus Tiawah Schools and my family has always rescued animals and we donate to local animal rescues as much as we can (since we can’t take all of the animals home!) I also serve on the Claremore Collective Executive Committee. jessicamhWe help with several different projects and themes in our community, but it’s basically a young professionals organization that works to promote growth and success in our community.” 


To get in touch with Jessica Wilbourn and the The Wilbourn group, follow the links below.

The Wilbourn Group

The Wilbourn Group Facebook

Keep selling, smiling, and shining!  I’m rooting for you!

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