#SheWhoDaresProject: Callie Schmidt {The Flower Shop}


“I want people to think back on the florals I have created for them and smile, knowing that I created it with them specifically in mind.”  says Callie Schmidt, owner of The Flower Shop in Pryor, OK.  IMG_5058

Schmidt, who has owned her own shop for the last 8 years, and been in the floral industry for 17, can’t imagine herself in another profession. “ I worked in shops all throughout high school just soaking up all I could learn.  I love working with flowers, flowers make people happy. I have met so many amazing people through my shop!” 

Though it may not always be evident to outsiders,  the floral industry lends a hand to so many aspects of people and community.    “I see the highs and the lows for people. I can create beautiful statement pieces for them when they are so consumed with grief, I use my talents to bring a little light into such sad moments. We use flowers to represent their loved ones.  We also get to create for people on the greatest day of their lives.20190918-BellaRose-95 Their wedding day! Which is one of my favorites. I am a people pleaser which means I always go the extra mile.”

Callie credits her mom, who works alongside her at The Flower Shop, for instilling that “extra mile” mentality, noting that she is her biggest fan.  “Being a business owner is hard, you need someone who’s always your cheerleader, always in your corner, and she is that for me. She never lets me give up.” 

“Hard work” is the biggest piece of advice Schmidt can give to other young ladies striving for success as future business owners.  “Just go for it, it takes hard work, and it won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it. IMG_5844Don’t let anyone’s negativity steer you away from your dreams!” 

The year 2020 has more goals in store  for Callie as she embarks further into making her dream of her own Oklahoma Grown Flower Farm a reality. IMG_5841 “I have started working on my land, and have all my seeds ready to plant, we are planning on doing farmers markets on the weekends!”   She will also be shifting a majority of her focus to weddings in the new year. “Weddings are my jam! They are truly my passion! We designed 42 weddings last year, and cannot wait to see what this year holds for us!” 


When she’s not busy decorating our lives and special moments, Schmidt enjoys time with her family and girlfriends, IMG_5854running with The Oklahoma Sports and Fitness Team, and enjoying the great outdoors! IMG_5842


Follow along with Callie Schmidt and The Flower Shop by clicking the links below!

The Flower Shop Instagram

The Flower Shop Facebook

Keep flourishing, sister, I’m cheering for you!

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