#SheWhoDaresProject: Mari Rains

“I watched women all over the world having to reinvent themselves due to them losing their jobs and I realized that I could do the same. Every one of our lines are sourced from women and minority-owned companies. That to me is huge. My ability to purposefully impact those businesses with my wallet is powerful.”

Joining the rest of us in a world of change due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mari Rains felt the time was right to renew herself and share her love of fashion with the opening of the stylish new  Ella + Orchid Clothing Company.  

With the company, Rains brings forth a line of well-made, classic pieces to add to your closets.  “I don’t purchase anything for the store without touching it, trying it on and really being sure of the quality. We have a denim line out of LA that are as forgiving as they are flattering. We have a lot of bodysuits and blazers for the fall currently. They are extremely sexy and look great on anyone.”

Having found herself in a career in her 20’s and 30’s  that did not bring her joy, Mari didn’t have to look far to find the inspiration for change and chasing new goals, wanting those closest to her to know that we are never confined to only doing one thing in this world.  I love being able to lead by example for my daughters and granddaughters. Showing them that they can do it all is pretty cool.”

Following that same idea of “doing it all,”  Rains quotes being resourceful as her biggest asset and claims it as her best advice to those wanting to start up their own businesses or chase new goals. “Don’t let anyone tell you  no. There is always a way to get something done.”   (This might also be why Hans Solo’s “Never tell me the odds” line is one of her favorites.) 

When she’s not working, Mari can be found traveling and  spending time with those she cherishes the most. “I have a new husband, a daughter, two granddaughters that I can’t get enough of and a really amazing circle of friends…I spend all of my free time being really thankful for my relationships with them.”

If you are local to the Tulsa, OK area you can check out the  Ella + Orchid storefront at 6010 South Yale Avenue, or you can shop online at https://www.ellaandorchid.com/ .

Keep it up, sister, I’m cheering you on….

(and getting ready to fill up my shopping cart!)  #SheWhoDares

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